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Volkswagen Gets A Public Undressing
Posted by richard | September 30, 2015

If you’re involved in corporate or political malfeasance in Europe, be warned: you’re probably going to end up in a lingerie commercial.

The German retail boutique Blush Berlin has taken on an activist role in recent years, using social media and sly guerrilla marketing to …


It didn’t take long for Joanna Griffiths to realize she had a hit on her hands.

The founder of the Canadian underwear label Knix Wear launched a crowdfunding campaign on Sept. 14 to pre-sell the brand’s next product innovation, an 8-in-1 convertible, wear-anywhere hybrid bra, …


If you want to know whether a G-string is actually comfortable, or just a nagging pain in the you-know-where, ask the woman who’s worn one every day for 20 years.

“Some people think it’s not comfortable, but for me it’s other panties that are not …


An audacious new reality TV show that will hit the airwaves this fall will feature an exuberant band of plus-size women partying, talking sex and trying on skimpy ensembles from their favorite lingerie shop.

But there’s one thing viewers won’t see or hear when Plus


Customers entering their favorite Intimacy lingerie boutique today won’t notice a lot that’s different, even though there’s a new sign out front.

The same premium bra brands are still there, as are the professional stylists who deliver the stores’ famous service.

But the conversion today …

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