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This Aussie Brand Isn’t Showing Its Age
Posted by Lingerie Talk | July 31, 2015

It’s often said that Australians will use any excuse to throw a party, but …. underwear?

Yes, the best bash Down Under next month might just be an outdoor party in Sydney Harbour on Aug. 19, when rap goddess Iggy Azalea comes home to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the closest thing Australia has to national knickers.

The #Bonds100 party at Circular Quay will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic underwear brand Bonds, and it’s the culminating event in a months-long torrent of promotions, celebrity appearances and special products to mark the occasion. One contest invites fans around the world to upload their own dance videos for a chance to win trip to Sydney to party with Iggy at the Bonds blowout. (By comparison, when the venerable European lingerie brand PrimaDonna reached its 150-year milestone this spring, it staged a museum exhibit.)

Bonds certainly isn’t showing its age. Once the largest hosiery manufacturer in the world that was best known for selling hundreds of millions of ‘Chesty’ singlets, Bonds today is a multi-vertical, multi-generational retailer that ships its casual fashions (often for free) to countries around the world.

For its centenary, the company put on a bright new face with the release of its Bonds100 underwear and activewear collections for men and women — colorful, swim-inspired pieces dominated by logo-branded waistbands, straps and hems and definitely meant for showing off. Stylistically, it’s all a bit loud, a bit brash and very Aussie. (International shoppers will have to get used to the brand’s very Aussie lexicon, though: a thong is known as a “skimpy”, track pants are called “trackies” and sweatshirts are known as “sloppies”.)

Since the spring, Bonds has been rolling out sales, contests and promotional “return” visits from former brand ambassadors like Rachael Taylor and Miranda Kerr, and brought Aussie superstar Iggy on board to show off her famous curves beginning with a new tights line in April.

Images below show Iggy in a veriety of items from the new #Bonds100 collection, which is available online. Now go bust a move, send in your video by Aug. 7 … and start packing for Sydney!

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