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Victoria’s Secret may have come up with a way to replace drunk sexting — or at least help people get to the point quicker.

The American lingerie giant this week released its first branded keyboard for cellphones and tablets, with emoji symbols of thongs, bras, corsets and bikinis.

“From playful graphics to share with your BFF to sexy symbols for your crush, the VS App offers an array of cool character options to express your every mood,” the companys says about the free download offered to Android and iPhone users.

The app offers “so many fun ways to let people know how you feel” and “share your special kind of sexy,” the company says.


The keyboard includes about 20 emoticons and stickers with images that include lingerie styles, Victoria’s Secret shopping bags and angel wings, and flirty icons like cupcakes and hearts. There is also a set of GIFs featuring VS models wearing the company’s sexy styles. Many of the emojis are replicas of props used for one of the outfits in the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (top photo).

Although Victoria’s Secret has in the past said it does not intentionally market to teenagers, the keyboard is rated for ages 12 and older and comes with a warning of “mild sexual content and suggestive themes.”

The VS keyboard was created by MakeSnaps, a tech company specializing in branded keyboards that let corporate brands create visual icons to augment their social media presence.

As the screen sample (below) illustrates, Victoria’s Secret is obviously hoping their emojis will be used for conversations about shopping and fashion. Parents’ groups, however, may be concerned that text symbols of thongs and blushing faces might become a new kind of texting shorthand among teens for sexual propositions.

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