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Chromat in the Garden of Eden
Posted by Lingerie Talk | June 19, 2015

It’s hard to decide what’s the most unlikely thing you’d find in the Garden of Eden, Paris Hilton or the futuristic fashions of lingerie trendsetter Chromat.

But men’s magazine ADON used both in this arresting image, showing an Eve-like Paris dressed in Chromat’s metal Metropolis corset.

The cover shot (by Canadian fashion fotog Mike Ruiz) kicks off an editorial feature that shows party-girl Paris paying tribute to “powerful Biblical women”. Inside you’ll find her standing in for Delilah, Mary Magdalene and — no jokes, please — the virgin Mary.

The surrealistic shoot is meant to offer a fashion-centric 21st reinterpretation of classical Biblical iconography, beginning with that fearsome corset. If the traditional fig leaf was a symbol of modesty in the face of temptation, Chromat‘s corset is all confident, next-gen warrior womanhood.


The Brooklyn-based Chromat has become a favorite for editorial photographers and fashion magazine stylists by creating functional garments with sci-fi sensibilities. The Metropolis corset, priced at $3,000 and fashioned from nickel silver-plated copper, was part of its A/W 2014 collection Bionic Bodies, based on an imaginary love story between a human and a robot and inspired by new interactive technologies.

That’s a long way from the Garden of Eden, but ADON embraces the concept in its own way. Readers can enjoy an “interactive” experience with Paris by downloading an app and then scanning the magazine cover. This apparently results in an “augmented reality” that includes layers of live digital content that enhances the viewing experience.

This will probably never make it into most Sunday School lessons, but then the Garden of Eden parable was always a story for adults, wasn’t it? So here’s the new Eve: no sin, no shame, the original boundary-pusher.


CREDITS: Mike Ruiz, ADON Magazine

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