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There’s a slick Catwoman vibe to the new UK lingerie brand NightProwl, which you can detect in both its name and the claw-mark slashes used in both its logo and the modified seams in its Prowl bra.

But it’s not one of the many TV or movie iterations of the feline villainess that comes to mind here. NightProwl‘s brand image is most reminiscent of the 1982 erotic thriller Cat People, in which a cursed Nastassja Kinski plays a true cat/woman who struggles to suppress her predatory and seductive nature. You don’t need a spoiler alert to know that nature triumphed, as it usually does.

Poor girl probably could have used some help from NightProwl, which aims to help women awaken their inner panther and channel their animal instincts, but with slightly less murderous intent. This is a brand that will leave your partner purring like a kitten.

NightProwl, which first appeared on the scene at the Lingerie Edit back in January, is the creation of Jacquelyn Kelly, an Aussie who came to London as a backpacker in 2011 and decided to stay. With a background in media and brand management, she enrolled in a fashion design program and worked in a London lingerie boutique to gather market research before launching her own label.

“I wanted to create sophisticated, striking boudoir wear with a distinctive luxury feel,” she told Lingerie Talk.

NightProwl achieves that goal with five ranges, each with a uniquely seductive character, choice of materials and a blend of contemporary and vintage stylings. The minimalist Jet range and fashion-forward Prowl set (with its cat-scratch detail, shown above) will appeal to no-nonsene modernists, while other NP lines employ traditional luxe materials like Guipure and Chantilly laces to evoke a timeless, femme fatale quality.

Elysium set (top) and Valiance devoré dress (above).

There are also four lingerie dresses in the collection, which can work as elegant loungewear or as a dramatic bedroom scene-stealer. There are several pieces in the collection that deserve special attention, but we think the sheer Valiance dress with its teasing devoré print will be the brand’s signature must-have item.

NightProwl is an affordable luxury label with bras ranging from £70-150 and dresses going up to £450. You can buy online through the company webshop or at a handful of London boutiques listed on its website. Shipping is free for orders over £40.

Jacquelyn plans to add swimwear to the collection next year and to expand the bridal selection available. Here’s a look at its first marketing campaign, shot by Beth Saunders.


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