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Move over La Perla. Step aside Agent Provocateur. There’s a new contender in the race to create the world’s most romantic, indulgent and indefensibly expensive undies.

A British landscape designer who is selling bespoke lingerie sets made from fresh flowers calls them “the ultimate sweep-a-girl-off-her-feet” gift.

Lucy Summers, a Kent-based garden design expert and author who runs Lucy Summers Living, creates one-of-a-kind wearable floral arrangements that are hand-stitched onto French lingerie sets. The delicate creations last for about one day.

She came up with idea as a way to mark her company’s 20th year in business, and to combine two of her passions.

“Being an absolute lingerie addict and being completely mad about flowers, combining the two elements seemed a match made in heaven,” she writes on her company blog. “The question I am most asked by the media is what made me think of it? My answer to that is I can’t think why I didn’t think of it sooner.”

Floral lingerie sets are made to customers’ specifications and start at £490 (about $750 USD). The design team has used roses, orchids and other flowers, along with buds, foliage and berries. Each piece can be trimmed with gems, crystals and other adornments.

But the pricey, one-of-a-kind creations don’t just flatter the wearer, says Lucy. They also make deep-pocketed gift-givers look brilliant.

“Every woman who has seen our fresh flower lingerie instantly wants some because it’s so sensual, feminine and ultimately luxurious,” Lucy told Lingerie Talk.

“Their feedback shows that women are totally impressed with any man who would buy them such a wonderful, innovative gift. Most of them can’t even figure out how their partners even sourced such an amazing gift. It makes the man look like one in a million.”


The company spent two to three months making prototypes and figuring out how to attach the floral elements. For the photo shoot shown here, the design team worked through the night in both hot and cold rooms to prevent the flowers from wilting. The finished sets are shipped by courier in cold boxes to clients.

“Real flowers can never be synthesized in all their beauty by technology. And that is the essence of the the whole thing,” Lucy said. “We’ve been creating with flowers one way or another for 20 years plus and we know what they can and can’t do.”

The real purpose of the bespoke lingerie concept, though, isn’t to give the garden company an entry into the fashion world. It’s meant to show off their skill and creativity in working with plants and coming up with unique landscaping concepts.

“Lingerie may not seem the most likely culmination of a (floral) design process, but it demonstrates that you can do a lot more with flowers than put them in a vase,” she said. “As designers, we have to think beyond the bouquet.

“While we can’t guarantee our team will turn up on a landscape design project in our fabulous lingerie, we do however create innovative, timeless and unexpectedly beautiful outdoor spaces.”


The flower lingerie sets will be available throughout the year and, so far, the target market is “men with impeccable style,” she said.

And while the arrangements don’t last for long, they’ll leave a lasting impression.

“One wearing is about the extent of their life,” Lucy said, “but what a life!”

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