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LiveFAST Gets Negative
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 13, 2015

Negative Underwear gets a suitably black-and-white treatment in a new editorial from LiveFAST magazine, though if they really wanted to capture the brand ethos perfectly they could have printed the shoot as a series of — you guessed it — negatives.

The year-old Negative is already making waves with its neo-minimalist styles and an aversion to the frills and hardware (and color!) of contemporary lingerie.

And the LiveFAST shoot gives plenty of exposure to the brand’s Essouaria bodysuit (above), one of the year’s coolest innovations in fashion underwear. It’s not on the market yet, but this “anti-lace” perforated look will get plenty of use as an eye-catching layering piece once it arrives.

LiveFAST editor Vivianne Lapointe has always been enamored with indie lingerie brands and the recent success of the hip online mag’s first print edition (financed with over $75K in crowdfunding contributions) has seen it doubling down on original lingerie editorials. In the last month alone, it’s staged excellent shoots for Kriss Soonik, Daisy & Elizabeth and Aussie fave Hopeless Lingerie.

Below are some more shots from the LiveFAST series by photographer Robert Massman. You can see the full editorial here, or outtakes on the Negative blog.

The Essouaria body is part of its second collection, so keep an eye on the brand’s webshop for its arrival. You can read more about the new Negative collection in our earlier story.

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