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Aerie + Yellowberry: These Sisters Are A Perfect Fit
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 25, 2015

Sisters look out for each other, even in the business world.

And there’s an appealing big sister-little sister message at the heart of a sympatico new collaboration between teen underwear brands Aerie and Yellowberry.

The limited-edition set of colorful bras aimed at tweens and younger girls, called Aerie for Yellowberry, goes on sale tomorrow. And it’s bound to boost both labels.

For Aerie, American Eagle‘s high-flying lingerie division that rebranded itself last year as a body-positive go-to brand for real girls, the collab gives it added credibility by partnering with an authentic girl-power activist who has made headlines around the world.

And for Yellowberry, a high-spirited indie startup whose crusading founder was named one of Time magazine’s most influential teenagers of 2014, the deal with a global corporate brand and youth market leader gives it a tremendous new platform from which to spread their message about empowerment and respect for girls everywhere.

“This is the perfect sisterhood for two brands, supporting the common belief that every girl should be confident and comfortable, embracing their real self,” Aerie president Jennifer Foyle said in a press release.


Though barely a year old, Yellowberry’s origin story is already well-known. Founder Megan Grassell, then an 18-year-old Wyoming high school senior, vowed to “change the entire industry” after being appalled by the sexualized products aimed at adolescents when she took her sister shopping for her first bra.

Buoyed by support from girls and parents after a $40,000+ crowdfunding campaign, Yellowberry quickly evolved into an activist movement aimed at promoting the vibrant culture, creativity and achievements of pre-teen girls.

Aerie, meanwhile, was heading down a similar path. Responding to customer requests, it became the first mass-market U.S. brand to stop photoshopping its underwear models as part of its #AerieReal campaign to promote positive body image among its customers. The Aerie for Yellowberry line is its first collaboration.

“When we heard her story, and how it all started with Kickstarter, we knew this was a REAL brand and girl we could stand behind,” Jenny Altman, Aerie’s fit and style expert, told Lingerie Talk. “Megan started Yellowberry when she couldn’t find the right bra for her younger sister. Her solution was to offer a great product along with a great message. It is that message we find similar to ours. We want young girls to feel self-confident and strong, independent and happy.”


The collab makes sense in another way too: Aerie‘s customer demo skews a bit older than Yellowberry‘s, which means big sisters will have a retail destination where they can take little sisters to shop for age-appropriate bra styles. That supports Yellowberry‘s message of “supporting little sisters everywhere.”

“When an opportunity to collaborate with one of my personal favorite brands came to be, I saw an incredible opportunity,” Megan writes in a letter to Yellowberry fans — called ‘Berries’ — on her website today. (That’s Megan and kid sister Mary Margaret in the top photo).

“This line is … a way to bridge the gap from Yellowberry to another brand that stands for the same social messages that Yellowberry believes in. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Aerie and know that through our products we’re spreading an awesome message of empowering girls all over the world, one bra at a time.”

Yellowberry currently offer 28 different bra styles for teens and tweens through its webshop. The Aerie for Yellowberry line includes new styles with names like Freebird, Fresh Picked and Lil’ Sis and are priced from $30-35.

Aerie just entered the second year of its #AerieReal initiative, and has opened up its website and social media tools as a platform for girls to share their stories. Early reports showed the brand’s new approach resulted in increased sales and Aerie now finds itself as one of the early industry leaders in progressive, realistic fashion marketing.

“It has been amazing,” Altman told us. “By making the commitment to feature unretouched models in everything we do, girls everywhere are able to associate with our brand. We can see the conversation continuing on Instagram where girls’ support of the brand is incredible.

“We are so happy that we have opened the door to many real conversations that are so important in creating confident, young women.”

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