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La Cavalière: Maison Close’s Salute To Cowgirls in the Sand
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 11, 2015

There’s something new going on in the latest offering from the seductive French lingerie brand Maison Close, and it’s not just the furry four-legged friends used in the promo material.

For the first time, the Marseille-based label best known for its barely-there catsuits has used an outdoor setting to shoot the imagery for its new collection, called La Cavalière.

Until now, Maison Close founder Nicolas Busnel has preferred to photograph his erotic collections inside opulent French mansions. It’s given the brand a distinctive artistic signature, conveying a sense of aristocratic luxury and imperial, fin-de-siècle decadence at the same time.


For La Cavalière, though, Busnel took his team to the Mediterranean coastal town of the same name, shooting his collection on the beach at the Camargue, a vast wildlife preserve known for its sandy stretches and zealously protected feral horses.

The Camargue provides a fitting backdrop for MC’s latest ranges, which draws its inspiration from the equestrian world and its highly stylized fashion sensibility. Straps and ties in La Cavalière pieces are reimagined as buckles and rings, ornamental suedine belts add structure and high-waist silhouettes enhance posture.

“In this universe, each piece is a tribute to athletic Amazons perched on their mounts, taming the animal within and … fully coming to terms with their sexuality and femininity,” the company says.

Still, the La Cavalière range is much more than just lingerie for the horsey set.

La Cavalière draped body and high-waist brief.
La Cavalièe catsuit

Named after a brothel, Maison Close is a brand that wears its lusty heart on its lacy sleeve and La Cavalière doesn’t deviate far from the company’s boudoir inspirations.

The collection is based on a combination of stretch chiffon, stretch lace and veil fabric in contrasting tones of black and sand rose and includes everything from underwear ensembles to elaborate statement pieces like the revealing draped bodysuit and a body-con black dressed trimmed with a belt on the bodice.

As always, though, Maison Close saves it best design work for the catsuit in the collection — this time it marries a sheer long-sleeved top with high-waisted, figure-hugging equestrian pants.

Just the thing for some après-ride horseplay.

Maison Close is widely distributed in fashionable lingerie outlets worldwide, and now boasts more than 50% of its sales outside of France. Most pieces from La Cavalière are available on the company website now, although the catsuit is still to come.

Below are some more images from the La Cavalière photo campaign. And don’t worry — the horses aren’t the wild ones native to the Camargue, but were rented from local breeders.


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