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Only Hearts’ Love Letter to New York
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 25, 2015

New York has a history of inspiring great romances among visitors and residents alike — not to mention the countless swooning tributes to the city itself from singers, authors, poets and street artists. For many people, New York is a love story.

And who better to craft a love letter for the city with the heart in its logo than a brand built on heart-themed apparel and gifts?

Only Hearts, a legendary New York shopping destination for nearly four decades, recently released a unique spring lookbook that showcases both its newest lingerie pieces and its giddy affection for the city and, in particular, its Garment District.

And as the first “influencer” to front its ‘Shamelessy Romantic’ marketing campaign, Only Hearts chose NYC bon vivant Florencia Galarza, a DJ and model and one of those quintessential city girls with a huge appetite for life and everything New York offers.

The Argentine beauty is featured in a new video for Only Hearts called “A New York Love Story” and is photographed in the company’s busy Garment District studio trying on the company’s inner-outerwear pieces. (You’ll recognize the heart-shaped Lou Lou Heart Hipster in the top photo right away.)

In the video, Florencia reflects on love and romance and why both seem like they’re always just around the corner in the Big Apple. And what’s her favorite NYC love story? “All the old couples walking around holding hands — it’s amazing.”

The ‘Shamelessly Romantic’ campaign has a very authentic spirit, both in its look and in the emotion it evokes in anyone who has fallen under New York’s spell.

Here are some of the best images from this enchanting campaign, photographed by Alex Berg.

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  1. Wonderland Boudoir says:

    This was a great photo series and Florencia is a wonderful choice as a person who should rock this lingerie!

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