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If you haven’t encountered a new sleepwear brand called Lusomé yet, consider yourself fortunate — it probably means you don’t need it.

But for women who know the misery of chronic night sweats, the new Canadian label with the high-tech fabric solution will feel like a godsend.

Calgary-based Lusomé debuted a year ago with a line of stylish pyjamas, nightgowns and sleep shirts promising to alleviate excessive nighttime perspiration through the use of propriety fabric blend called dryLon™.

Night sweats happen to men, women and even children, but are especially common among women with breast cancer or thyroid problems, during menopause and peri-menopause, or while undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

For Lusomé founder Lara Smith, the search for a high-performance wicking fabric suitable for both sleep and daywear became personal when both her sister and best friend were diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age.

Smith had worked in women’s apparel for two decades, and before starting Lusomé spent 8 years in charge of all women’s apparel for Mark’s Work Wearhouse, the Canadian retail chain that specializes in work, outdoor and athletic apparel. She managed all buying, sourcing, design and strategy for the chain, and her travels took her to premium textile mills specializing in innovative materials targeted at the sports and activewear markets.

Lusomé’s Joan nightgown (top) and Anne (above).

After testing dozens of materials with focus groups, Lusomé devised its own formulation that uses a dual-layer construction of cotton, micromodal, polyester and Spandex. Called dryLon™, the fabric has “push-pull” effect: the fibres closest to the skin pull moisture toward the surface, where the top layer expels it and allows it to evaporate.

(A Lingerie Talk associate who has been receiving HRT and is familiar with night sweats tested a Lusomé garment, the Lorraine nightshirt. “It fits and looks like a well-made premium T-shirt, and is both very soft and slightly cool to the touch,” she told us. “I had a good night’s sleep and if the shirt helped then I’m happy. I could also wear this anywhere, even to the office under a jacket or sweater.”)

Lusomé — which is an old Scottish term for “desirable” — tested the wicking properties of its fabric against five other brands using an independent lab and industry-standard protocols. The results showed dryLon™ moves moisture 10 times faster than the next best competitor, the company says.

DryLon™ fabric uses no chemicals and doesn’t degrade over time, unlike many other wicking fabrics made from treated polyester. A video on the Lusomé website explains the “capillary fibre structure” and illustrates the twisting and spinning of fibres that make the brand’s one-way moisture movement possible.

Lusomé garments are currently sold via the company webshop and in about 50 retail boutiques in Canada and the U.S. Prices range from $58 to $98 per garment (CAD).

Lusomé is planning men’s garments using the same fabric blend and hopes to add wicking bedding to its collection in the future.

NOTE:A sample was provided to Lingerie Talk for this article.

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