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If you think all lingerie brands serve up the same styles year after year, think again. Better yet, check out the inventive offerings in the latest collection from sporty luxe label NOE Undergarments.

The California indie brand takes some familiar — and very pedestrian — fashion archetypes and gives them a thoroughly modern upgrade. Boarder shorts, biker leathers, muscle tanks and, best of all, good old Daisy Dukes are all re-imagined here as high-style underwear or provocative show-off streetwear, depending on your mood and sense of daring.

NOE has always tried to push the boundary between underwear and outerwear, and the SS2015 collection shows them moving — inevitably — into ready-to-wear fashion. The brand’s new website includes an RTW section of wispy dresses and cool, minimalist tops that echo its underwear signatures.

This is the fourth collection from NOE and most of the buzz around this collection will be for the James range, a capsule collection of stretch denim pieces.


Denim is the most utilitarian of fabrics and the one least suited to underwear — or so you might think. Many American brands from Frederick’s to Free People to DKNY have taken a shot at denim styles in the past. But most of those target the youth market by trying to convey a country girl vibe, and in some cases it’s the look of denim, not the actual fabric, that’s the selling point (even lace thong pioneer Hanky Panky came up with a denim print style).

goes in the opposite direction, giving jeans a high-fashion makeover by using real conemill denim (with 11% Lycra) for both softness and stretch in the 6-piece James range. There’s even a denim garter in the set, but it’s given an uptown look with NOE‘s signature gold hardware and black strappy waistband.

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NOE is still a young brand but it’s already built a cult following and boasts some distinctive design signatures — like the powerful T-back strap — and the SS2015 collections includes a few of the most enduringly popular pieces from its earlier offerings.

Mostly, though, it’s all new and filled with stylish innovation. Here are a few of the coolest items in the collection, followed by more photos from the SS2015 Lookbook.



A two-tiered leather layered skirt featuring a mesh bottom layer and Italian lambskin shorter top layer. The same soft leather is also available in the Mick cropped tee and adorable leather pocket shorts.



Slightly sheer drop-crotch mesh shorts that have a very on-trend urban appeal. Look for the same revealing mesh in the Charlie muscle tank and full-length slip dress.



The denim shortie in the James collection uses the same cut as NOE’s earlier Edward high-rise shorts and has a hip 70s’ vintage flair. Look for the bold gold zipper in the back, and pair it with the matching bustier.



No ordinary bodysuit here. The Zachary (shown from the back) uses the hi-tech “nano Lycra” performance fabric that NOE first introduced in its popular Edward leggings. And there’s plenty of style here too — look for the distinctive T-strap back, side cutouts and gold hardware details. (The same nano-fabric is used in the Oliver fashion sports bra.)



The only indication that this sleek pencil skirt and cropped tank combo came from a lingerie company is the dramatic use of neoprene bands that hold everything in place.



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