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A Racy Reading From Playful Promises
Posted by richard | February 19, 2015

You don’t need to be a book lover (or even wear lingerie) to get a huge kick out of the witty new photo campaign from London label Playful Promises. It helps, though, if you have a dirty mind.

The campaign is called “Product of a Mischievous Mind” and it juxtaposes saucy double entendres from classic 19th Century novels with racy imagery from Playful Promises‘ recent lingerie collections. It’s all artfully presented in a series of unique designs with clever typography that sometimes mimics contours of the female form.

What makes “Mischievous Mind” so brilliant is that PP founder Emma Parker hasn’t merely assembled the usual naughty bits of wordplay from Shakespeare or Chaucer or other literary giants that freshmen learn in first term. (If you giggled over “Do I dare to eat a peach?” in your modern poetry class, you know what I mean!)

Instead, she’s culled suspiciously sexy innuendo from the great Victorian novelists — Austen, Dickens, Bronte, Hardy and more — in the 12-shot series. As a result, it becomes a broad send-up of the mannered and intricately coded language of the Victorians, who may or may not have intended an erotic subtext when they used words like “ejaculation”, “fanny” or “muff” in polite discourse.

And if all this wasn’t enough fun, Playful Promises took the concept to another level by shooting a series of stylish videos featuring burlesque model Miss Miranda in an antiquarian library, reading the classics in a way that leaves little doubt about the authors’ intentions.

There are four videos in the series so far, and more coming. That’s the latest one above, which just might turn Hardy’s evocative phrase “drenched on pansy” into a trending hashtag. (Maybe this explains why Christian gave Ana that copy of Tess of the D’Urbervilles?)

Now 10 years old, Playful Promises is a vampy London brand renowned for its campy promotions, but this time it might have taken its marketing genius into new territory: if the “Mischievous Mind” shots were turned into a series of wall posters, they’d almost certainly be bestsellers among EngLit students and bibliophiles everywhere.

Here’s the full series below. You can see more, including the lingerie sets paired with each saucy quote, at this special website created for the project.

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