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Edge O’ Beyond Goes Further
Posted by richard | February 17, 2015

Young lingerie designers often encounter a harsh reality when they enter the business.

Regardless of how well your college grad collection was received or how artistic and innovative your design concepts might be, the fashion world can be notoriously unwelcoming to new talent and new ideas.

Smiling industry comrades often turn out to be predatory copycats and ruthless competitors. Consumers are not easily impressed and are reluctant to give up long-held brand loyalties. Business development costs always exceed expectations, and many young startups are soon crushed under the weight of a thousand unforeseen details and accumulating expenses.

It takes long hours, deep pockets and a thick skin to make it to your second year, and good old-fashioned bloodymindedness to get any further than that.

For those reasons, a young brand’s one-year anniversary is at least as important as its launch date: finally, all those first-time mistakes and should’ve-seen-it-coming calamities are behind you. A brand’s prospects are infinitely brighter on the first day of its second year than on the day it debuts and everyone gushes approvingly.

One person who understands this reality is Naomi De Haan, founder of the young UK luxury label Edge O’ Beyond, which is about to enter its second year in business with a sophomore collection that it will present to retail buyers next week at the Curve Expo trade show in New York.

You might recall that Edge O’ Beyond made a sensational splash last summer with a unique line of elegant French-inspired undies trimmed with opulent 18K gold-plated chains. The company’s first collection was picked up by A-list retailers like Coco De Mer in London and Journelle in New York. And predictably — in one of those ironic indications that you’re doing something right — imitators started popping up with cheaper foreign versions of detachable bling like that used by EOB.


We asked Naomi what unexpected lessons emerged from that whirlwind first season in the business, and here’s what she told us:

  • Be Prepared: “I learned that at least one thing will always be going wrong at any one time, so always plan for the worst! Always have a back-up lace, or a back-up set to be ready to go into production if one has to be postponed.”
  • Get Good Help: “I have a great relationship with AJM Sewing, our manufacturer in Wales. They are extremely helpful and know that I’m new and not as experienced as a lot of their other brands. They’re very kind.”
  • Be Careful Who You Trust: “We had a horrible experience with some ‘buyers’ who weren’t actually buyers &#8212: they caused a lot of trouble,” Naomi said. As well, a key employee proved to be dishonest, “so I learned not to be so trusting — which is quite sad actually.” So, when an international fast-fashion chain began asking her to send them advance samples of her new collection, she knew better.
  • Details Matter: “Always cast models before you decide on them, as their bums may not be as pert as expected! Or they even may be skinnier than expected.”
  • Legal Details Matter: “Have your Ts and Cs (terms and conditions) on the site, as you get people buying stuff, wearing it and sometimes damaging it and trying to then return it!”
  • Invest In Your Image: “I think amazing models with an amazing photographer and an appropriate location that means something to your brand is very important.”

“We’ve had a completely crazy year,” Naomi said. “I’ve learned so much!”

And her best bottom-line advice for other newcomers? “Sticking to what you love is really important.”

Edge O’ Beyond‘s sophomore collection includes a number of new concept sets such as the Louisa line (top photo) with appliqué cherubs on a nude tulle base, the silk Karis kimono (with a tie that doubles as an eye mask) and the bridal Evie range inspired by gold filigree.

New colorways include rouge, electric blue and ivory, and each set features the brand’s 24K gold-plated ‘O’ rings and customizable 18K jewelry chains.

One thing hasn’t changed about this growing newcomer, though: all the style ranges are still named after family members and friends.

Below are more images from EOB’s SS2015 lookbook and individual shots of the new style ranges. Photographed by Max Montgomery and Dominic Storer and modeled by Lola Mcdonnell and Ioanna Ntenti.

SALE NOTE: Edge o’ Beyond is holding a flash sale until next Sunday, offering 33% on their signature Becca range. Use the code “FLASHBECCA” at checkout before midnight Sunday to get the discount.


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  1. Wonderland Boudoir says:

    Thank you for another great post! You blog is great because it provides just A LOT of great information about beautiful lingerie and the designers behind them. As a boudoir photographer I am always looking for new inspiration and I am so happy that I came across your blog!

    I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the designs, but especially the Karis and Louisa!

    You, beautiful woman, your writing often inspires me in my life. The way you use your words and how you sit back and analyze your life in situation in the truest of forms somehow that transference of energy inspires me in my life.

    As always. I love your work.

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