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Any lingerie brand that names its work after the world’s deadliest snake is one that demands to be taken seriously.

That’s the idea behind the latest offering from Australian indie label Amber & Indigo, whose new Black Mamba range was inspired by the African snake of the same name — and whose venom is so toxic it’s called the “kiss of death”.

Adding to this rather fearsome image is A&I‘s addition of award-winning burlesque star Frankie Faux as brand ambassador and model for the new pieces. In fact, the collection was inspired by Frankie’s own pet snake, Beatrix (whom we have to assume is not a black mamba).

Black Mamba is a small collection of darkly sensual pieces that are meant for mix-and-matching and which incorporate elements of fetish, goth and burlesque style to create very theatrical looks. Most styles in the collection are named for deadly snakes.

Frankie Faux for Amber & Indigo lingerie from Amber & Indigo on Vimeo.

Now in its third year, Amber & Indigo is the work of designer Bonnie Stevenson-Wright, who says she created the label for women “who want to release their alter-ego.” The brand’s aesthetic is summed up by its name, she said in a press release.

“Amber represents the sweet, feminine and innocent side, while Indigo struts into the dark, saucy and risqué.

“There’s a bit of sweetness and racy sexiness in every woman. With this new collection, I was inspired to create pieces that combined an element of femininity with the performance aspect of undressing, for that special moment when a lady peels back the layers to something beautiful, dark and exotic.”

The choice of Frankie Faux to represent the brand is an inspired one, given Australians’ exuberant embrace of burlesque culture and style. She describes herself as “Australia’s fiercest burlesque artist”.

“When we went looking for a brand ambassador, Frankie Faux was a natural fit [because] she encapsulates both worlds perfectly,” said Bonnie.

Here are some images of the unique looks in the Black Mamba range from this highly original young brand. If your alter ego is potent and potentially deadly, you can find ways to express that in A&!‘s webshop.

Black Mambra briefs and crop top, Diamond Temptation pasties
Beatrix bra and briefs, Python cuff and collar, Beatrix bow pasties
Cobra thong, short-sleeved Black Mamba crop top
Beatrix bra and briefs, Python cuff and collar, Temptation pasties
Long-sleeved Black Mamba crop top and briefs, Python cuff, Diamond Python pasties

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