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This image, from the spring photoshoot by Canadian lingerie brand Coquette, raises some obvious, and urgent, questions. Like, who’s the old dude snuggling up to the sexy models and what’s he doing in a lingerie ad?…


What’s the coolest boudoir accessory for 2015? Don’t be surprised it’s not knotted whips, gold chains, crystal chokers or anything else from the fetish catalogue.

No, this year’s must-have accent piece is the crown, otherwise known as…


It’s probably time to take Karolina Laskowska off our list of emerging lingerie designers. She has emerged.

The independent UK designer had a ridiculous year in 2014: graduating from…

Cara Delevingne for DKNY Intimates
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 8, 2015

Popular American fashion label DKNY has tapped British ‘It Girl’ Cara Delevingne to front its upcoming 2015 intimates and sleepwear campaign, releasing these two teaser images this week.…

La Fille D’O’s Revelatory Second Skin
Posted by richard | January 8, 2015

Fabric technology has been advancing at breathtaking speed over the past decade, allowing for the creation of garments few consumers could have dreamed of (and now can’t live without).

If you’re a fan of slick jeggings, thermal microfiber tights, odor-blocking underwear,…

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