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Victoria’s Secret Recycles Super Bowl Ad
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 26, 2015

The marketing around Valentine’s Day doesn’t change much from year to year, probably because the rituals of l’amour don’t either.

For a good example of this, check out the brand new Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial, which is slated to run during the two-minute warning break in Sunday’s big game and is meant to send men scampering after V-Day gifts.

There’s not much new to see here. The 30-second spot is an almost note-for-note copy of the lingerie maker’s last Super Bowl spot — which ran seven years ago. Same soundtrack music (“I’m In The Mood For Love”), same slogan (“Let the real games begin”) and the same gorgeous Adriana Lima (below) — who appears remarkably unaffected by the passage of time.

What has changed in the seven years since the last VS game-day ad is the company itself, which has spread its glittery angel wings far and wide and shows no indication of slowing its global expansion.

The 2015 commercial drives that point home with a mild boast: “In every corner of the world/ From Stockholm to Singapore/ Everyone knows/ In this bag/ There is magic.”


VS marketing head Ed Razek told Adweek magazine the company made a late decision to buy Super Bowl airtime to capitalize on the momentum from its pre-Christmas TV fashion show and a successful holiday sales period.

The decision (and in particular the ad’s “games” slogan) might rub some people the wrong way, given the explosive controversy in 2014 that linked the NFL to domestic violence.

For years now, Super Bowl Sunday has been (some say erroneously) linked to a spike in domestic abuse incidents and admissions to women’s shelters. This year, the NFL initially rejected, and then accepted, a 30-second public service message about domestic abuse that shows a massive linebacker tackling a woman. You can see it here.

There’s another good reason, though, why Victoria’s Secret chose to retread its earlier Super Bowl ad, right down to Adriana’s sultry come-hither stare: the 2008 version was the most-seen ad in the game with over 103 million viewers, and is generally considered one of the most successful Super Bowl ads of all time. Beat that, Budweiser puppy.

Here are the two ads together, with the new 2015 spot up first:

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One Response to “Victoria’s Secret Recycles Super Bowl Ad”

  1. The Ad World in the gutter says:

    Wow, what a marketing cop-out. “The marketing around Valentine’s Day doesn’t change much from year to year, probably because the rituals of l’amour don’t either.”

    The calendar doesn’t change, my product doesn’t change; therefore my marketing doesn’t. Good luck with that. (Are you MySpace?). BTW, your consumer and media DO change.

    VS could make a positive/helpful statement to the world IF they chose tob…bbut they do not choose to. They are salaciousness, which is a one trick pony.

    WHAT if the women (aka models) had something real to say? Out of all their “angels” I’d bet at least a few have been in the domestic violence situation. If VS treated women as humans, instead of jokes in costumes, the world could be a better, smarter place.

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