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This image, from the spring photoshoot by Canadian lingerie brand Coquette, raises some obvious, and urgent, questions. Like, who’s the old dude snuggling up to the sexy models and what’s he doing in a lingerie ad? More importantly, where do I get a gig like that?

The photo, which is not included in Coquette‘s colorful spring wholesale catalogue, isn’t really meant to appeal to middle-aged sugar daddies (although that may be the unintended result).

The gent in the centre is actually Coquette‘s owner Peter Horea, who jumped into the scene while wrapping up the catalogue shoot at the company’s Cambridge, Ontario offices.

“The Coquette head office was a buzz with the excitement behind this photo shoot,” said Horea. “We all had fun with making the set in our studio as well as shooting outside with the ice cream truck. This is something we haven’t done in the past and it really brought some lively vibes that showed through all the laughter with our team and models.” 

Finding a nearby beach for the spring-summer shoot proved a challenge for the landlocked brand, so they built a sandbox in the studio and decorated it to represent classic vacation destinations like Hawaii, Florida and California hotspots Venice Beach and Palm Springs.

The playful campaign reflects the zesty, tropical spirit of the limited edition lingerie collection, which is filled with sunny colorways and light fabrics.

Coquette has expanded its offerings significantly in recent years, adding popular fetish-themed and risqué ranges to its bridal, costume and lounge collections. And, as the images below show, it offers many options for fuller figures and uses plus-size models in its promotions.

No wonder its owner can’t get that smile off his face.


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