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La Fille D’O’s Revelatory Second Skin
Posted by richard | January 8, 2015

Fabric technology has been advancing at breathtaking speed over the past decade, allowing for the creation of garments few consumers could have dreamed of (and now can’t live without).

If you’re a fan of slick jeggings, thermal microfiber tights, odor-blocking underwear, wicking yoga pants or new shapewear concepts that stretch four ways to Sunday, you can thank the chemists and engineering wizards toiling in European textile factories for making your life so much easier.

Now, the edgy Belgian lingerie brand La Fille d’O kicks off the new year with a dazzling collection conceived entirely around a new fabric that resembles a second skin. It’s a revelatory innovation and it will take the undergarment market by storm in 2015.


The new collection is called ‘Is Not All One’ and it’s the second offering under La Fille d’O‘s NSFW label — a play on the usual F/W seasonal groupings in the lingerie industry, and a warning that both the products and promotional imagery are erotically charged.

Every piece in the black-and-nude collection is fabricated from a very lightweight, stretchy polyamide/elastine nylon blend that is woven on a silk machine by the brand’s French silk supplier. The result is a dense weave that becomes sheer when stretched and — the best part — has a “powder-like” touch that feels like “warm dust” on the skin.

“This new material demands a refreshing approach to lingerie,” the company said in a press release. “Like nylon tights, this this fabric does not allow firm support, so we used it like a layer of fresh air in between the skin and your outerwear.”


Like all the best innovations in lingerie over the past few years, LFDO‘s second skin stretches the fashion possibilities of the category. It provides modest support when worn on its own, can be used as a second layer over underwear, and becomes “a clever little helper” for sheer top layers and cut-out fashions.

“This collection is lingerie, foundation and solution wear wrapped all in one,” the company says.

The Is Not All One collection includes briefs, bra tops and triangle bras along with leggings, bodysuits, a full-length jumpsuit (above) and skintight body-con dresses with anatomically inspired stitching.

Visionary designer Murielle Scherre clearly knows she’s found something special in her new wonder fabric, and has produced a collection that combines chic minimalist lines with avant-garde flourishes.


The latter is evident in the Kiss Of garment (above) — it’s a set of briefs with a tucked waistband that unfurls to create either a full skirt or a bodysuit. It’s an extraordinary concept that shows the possibilities of such strong-but-slight fabric and it’s unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere.

(Such innovation won’t surprise the brand’s fans; LFDO‘s winter collection, Fluxus Capacitor used a time-travel metaphor to explore futuristic concepts in underwear, and how they might impact on women’s self-image.)

The Is Not All One range is currently on sale through La Fille d’O’s webshop and its retail boutique in Ghent, and will move into international retail markets in March.

Prices are significantly higher than previous LFDO collections, with briefs running as high as €180 and the Fire Magis bodysuit topping out at €440. The premium pricing is understandable given that this is a market debut, and we might expect to those rates drop as production increases in the future.

Below are some more images from the collection’s lookbook. Just imagine the possibilities.


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