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Not Your Typical Basics
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 6, 2015

What better way to kick off a new year than with an out-of-box new lingerie collection from iconoclastic indie label Unforeseen Circumstances?

The trend-allergic New York brand, now five years old, has roots in both casual street fashion and the art world, and both are evident in its first offering for 2015.

There are actually two themes in this small collection, a hand-dyed indigo-and-black ‘basics’ group (above) and a limited vintage hand-printed set with a bit more design pizzazz.

Designer Teo Griscom says the new collection is all about “affordable but rich basics,” but these pieces aren’t the typical no-frills garments you normally see in a basics underwear line.

Teo brings an artisanal flair to such pieces as UC‘s tank shorts, pullunders and bodysuits. She favors roomy cuts, too, which usually means UC does double duty as street fashion and lounging-around wear.

The printed pieces are done in silk while the hand-dyed solids use silk, a cotton/silk blend and the linen weave that is one of UC‘s signatures.

Because it’s a small independent, Unforeseen Circumstances isn’t always easy to find. These days the best place to find them is through the online webshop of the Japanese jeans brand Kapital, which is known for its pioneering work in dyeing.

And keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboration between Teo and Kapital that uses the Japanese brand’s fabrics. Hmmm … denim undies, anyone?

Here are some new promo shots from Unforeseen Circumstances, lensed by Eric Kvatek and featuring model Masha Korchagina.


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