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Christmas Sweater Undies Are A Thing
Posted by richard | December 9, 2014

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become such a staple of the season there’s even a national day to celebrate the festive fashion flops.

Even better, there’s an underwear equivalent for people who can’t get enough

of the Christmas sweater motif.

Although, in fairness, there’s nothing ugly about the creative assortment of Christmas-themed pieces from knitwear brand Knitty Kitty.

Based in northern California, Knitty Kitty offers a surprisingly broad range of playful knitted tops and bottoms that it call knitimates. Its Christmas range includes designs featuring snowflakes, elves, trees, reindeer and even penguins.


Knitty Kitty is the brainchild of designer Lisa Roberts, who had been knitting for over 30 years when she came up with the idea for knitimates after knitting herself a bikini.

“I choose to knit my designs because I always feel good when I wear something knit,” she says on her company blog. “I thought I could pass on that awesome feeling in my designs and show knit in a different way.

“The great thing about Knitty Kitty being knitwear is that these knitimates can be a crossover piece of clothing. They are initially designed as intimate wear and loungewear but, because it is knit, pieces can be worn also as outerwear. I have seen it worn not only as underwear and around the house, but girls wear it to festivals, to the beach, yoga, to clubs, or when they want to stand out and be unique.”

KK’s pieces are all made from a soft (non-itchy) Spandex yarn on hand looms at a factory in Bali (above).


The unique label got a big boost this year when its Christmas range was picked up by lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters. And for a cosy alternative to keep you warm all season long, Knitty Kitty also created a cable-knit bralette and brief set (above) for UO that mimics everyone’s most dependable winter wardrobe staple.

Comfort and warmth are the obvious selling points of sweater-knit undies, but some customers will still be skeptical about the fit and care required such garments. Check out the user reviews from Urban Outfitters customers and you might be surprised at the glowing recommendations.

You can also find these designs on the Knitty Kitty website, although some of the most immediately appealing styles are sold out. It’s worth a visit, though, simply to check out the label’s extensive catalogue of designs.

Top photo shows the Reindeer pattern ($27) available at UO; more seasonal motifs are shown below.


Photos: Urban Outfitters, Knitty Kitty

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