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2015 Aubade Lingerie Calendar
Posted by Lingerie Talk | December 3, 2014

Like the lingerie styles it promotes, the annual Aubade wall calendar can be a bit of an investment.

The coveted keepsake is technically free, but you can only get a copy as a bonus gift for spending a minimum of €120 on an Aubade lingerie set at one of its licensed retailers.

In past years, the Parisian brand has sold copies directly to the public but that’s no longer the case — possibly to boost its appeal by limiting supply, but more likely as a way to control piracy.

The 2014 Aubade calendar, for example, is selling for over $200 on Ebay and the just-released 2015 version is available for €70 on Amazon Europe, even though its distribution is more tightly controlled than ever before.

Aubade has previously made a home-printable version of the stylish calendar available on its website, but this year it didn’t release the download until mid-January, two months after the official calendar had been shipped to retailers to help drive Christmas sales.

How lustworthy is the calendar this year? Some European retailers, skirting the company’s rules, are holding in-store and online contests with the “free” calendar as the prize.

The 2015 edition, which apparently has an “Old West” theme (though we only see it in one image) was shot by Terry Tsiolis and is largely drawn from the latest in Aubade‘s 20-year photo series called Lessons in Seduction. For those keeping count, there are now 152 black-and-white portraits in the series. The French, it seems, never run out of helpful ideas when it comes to the seductive arts.

The 2015 calendar is somewhat less edgy than recent Aubade calendars shot by Thomas Paquet, which flirted with bondage themes and a bolder expression of erotica. The new version is a bit sportier and bit more playful, with a few fun props such as boxing gloves and a giant snake — how you work those into your seduction scenario is up to you.

The calendar promotes Aubade‘s fall and spring lingerie collections, its swimwear line, a new “bad men” men’s briefs collection and its newest fragrance Anecdote.

There are several licensed retailers in North America such as Nancy Meyer in Seattle and Aricie in San Francisco, where you’ll likely have the best chance of getting a copy of the limited edition 2015 calendar. Check Aubade’s website for details about stockists in other countries, and keep checking back to seen when (and if) they release a download version.

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  1. Therése S says:

    I would love to have the Aubade Calendar in my home. Little funny that it’s a man in May, my birthday is in May.

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