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Feu De Vénus: A Study in Contrasts
Posted by Lingerie Talk | November 3, 2014

Montreal brand Feu De Vénus returns this fall with a series of sophisticated styles that look more like jigsaw puzzles than traditional undergarments.

Designer Véronique Lepage, who launched FDV a year ago, has an eye for sharp angles and intersecting lines that give her pieces the appearance of structural solidity, despite the soft stretch satin and similar fabrics used to create the illusion.

For AW 2014-15, she’s updated some of her original designs, like the powerful Axelle set, and added several new ones, notably the memorable Zelda range (above) with its lace-up high-waist bottoms.


Feu De Vénus likes to explore the interplay between contrasting elements, which is brought to life in the new Sophia style range (lavender lace and black satin) and the all-black lace Maya grouping.

These are dramatic boudoir styles aimed at the luxury consumer in North America and available both through the FDV shop and premium retailers like Nancy Meyer (US) and Dolci Folie (UK). Everything is fabricated in Montreal, making Feu De Vénus an affordable alternative to British labels with a similar aesthetic.

Below are images from the new FDV campaign, which uses shadows and light to create the study in contrasts that is the brand’s signature.

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