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Wildfox in Austenland
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 9, 2014

There is enough UK lingerie and sleepwear available on this side of the pond that you wouldn’t think an American brand would need to create a faux British assortment to satisfy market demand.

But Wildfox, the popular L.A.-based lifestyle label, has zeroed in on one aspect of fashion Anglophilia that has universal appeal among young women everywhere: the timeless romantic universe of Jane Austen.

Wildfox’s fall collection is called ‘Sense and Eccentricity’, and it’s an amusing, affectionate tribute to one of the world’s most beloved chroniclers of youthful longing and the complicated quest for selfhood.

This isn’t a nostalgic collection or an ironic one, though you might think one of those approaches would be appropriate when referencing a writer who died nearly 200 years ago. Instead, Sense and Eccentricity merely revisits the very familiar themes that dominated Austen’s work — family bonds, romantic anguish, social aspirations and a love of natural landscapes — and gives young women a way to literally wear their hearts on their sleeve.


The photo lookbook for the collection illustrates how timeless all this is, depicting three young girls in their ‘Sisters’ T-shirts or English toile print jammies hanging out is what looks like a gossipy sleepover.

The intimates selection from the Sense and Eccentricity collection includes four style ranges and the kind of comfortable, casual garments that are Wildfox’s specialty. Thus, you can find ruffled rompers and slips, camisoles and crop tops, PJs and even a faux pinafore.

Perfect for curling up in your attic bedroom, away from the world, binge-reading Pride and Prejudice like millions of girls before you.


And here’s a tip for early Christmas shoppers: if you’re looking for the absolutely perfect gift for the young English major in your household or friends list, Wildfox’s Austen tee (above) imprinted with the first edition folio page of P&P will bring squeals of delight. Yes, even in an age of screens, tablets and digital books, a simple page from a 200-year-old novel is still the coolest thing around.

Austen Rose bustier and shorts
Austen Rose ruffle corset slip
Night Storm ruffled romper
English Toile bustier and shorts
English Toile cami sleep set
Follow Your Dreams pinafore
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