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Brooklyn’s visionary lingerie and swimwear brand Chromat is about to change the way people look at fashion.

Not content to simply reinvent clothing — which it’s doing with with extraordinary speed and conviction — the coolest brand on the planet is making history today with the introduction of a 3-D “living lookbook” that lets viewers interact with images and even change what they’re looking at.

Double-click on the ultra-HD images, zoom in to explore minute details, move around to look at it from another angle, shift focus from foreground to background — Chromat‘s digital lookbook for its SS15 collection is a fully immersive experience.

The lookbook was developed in collaboration with Lytro Inc., inventors of the Illum camera, which uses something called “light field technology” to allow users to move within photos, changing focus and perspective to highlight different parts of the image.

Each image contains a massive amount of data that both photographers and viewers can manipulate, altering the experience on both sides of the camera.

The futuristic concept literally brings fashion to life in the digital world — it may be comparable to the seismic shift in film technology created by the introduction of IMAX cameras 40 years ago — and it’s a quantum leap ahead of the click-and-zoom flipbooks and e-commerce widgets that dominate fashion marketing today.

The project was supported by the fashion-art-technology incubator MilkMade Studios, which is making a documentary about the creation of the revolutionary lookbook. Lytro supplied an Illum camera to Chromat photog Christine Hahn and released a set of images from the lookbook and a trailer video (above) just ahead of Chromat‘s jaw-dropping MADE Fashion Week runway show in New York last night.

We’ve included some screen grabs of what you’ll find in Lytro’s gallery, but they only begin to suggest what’s in store.

It’s also worth noting that Lytro‘s platform is a serious bandwidth hog and may not be compatible with all web browsers.

We tested it in several versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari with the following results: Chrome had no trouble handling it, but it didn’t load well in Firefox and it crashed an OS Lion version of Safari. Our Android tablet had no trouble with it, though the interactive tools worked slowly. (In fairness, though, we’ll leave it to the tech blogs to bug-test the technology behind Lytro.)

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