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Who Runs The World
Posted by richard | August 29, 2014

This is our favorite photo of 2014 so far, because it says so much about fashion — and fashion lingerie — today.

Beyoncé sampling “Haunted” at the VMAs, resplendent in a jeweled Tom Ford bodysuit while surrounded by worshipful minions wearing some of today’s most forward-looking undergarments, like a celestial portrait of the feminist galaxy.

This time, two New York labels got the coveted “Beyoncé Bump” after being chosen to outfit Bey’s dance crew.

Brooklyn’s boundary-bending Chromat — which has previously contributed to Beyoncé’s concert wardrobe — supplied the face masks, arm cages and bustiers for the VMAs. Chromat’s visionary founder Becca McCharen told Opening Ceremony‘s news blog that the company had only four hours to assemble the outfits and ship them to L.A. in time for Sunday’s landmark show.


Meanwhile, the two-year-old Bex NYC, which is well known for its statement lingerie and on-trend accessories, provided the cage bralettes worn by the dancers. The photo above shows the adorable note that designer Rebecca Szymczak include in her shipment to B’s team.

It’s almost impossible to overstate the impact Beyoncé has on the lingerie and bodywear industry these days. (This year alone, we’ve written about her support for Erica M, Nichole De Carle and La Perla.)

And her influence goes beyond just the cash register, although brands that earn her blessing surely benefit there, too. Beyoncé has emerged as her generation’s most universal symbol of female empowerment and self-determination, and those brands that are part of her world can rightly claim sisterhood by association.

Here’s what Becca McCharen said to O.C. when asked how Chromat‘s futuristic styles fit Beyoncé’s vision: “That’s our whole M.O., to give power to our wearers and to create armor they can wear into the world.”

And who runs that world? Yeah, you know who.


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