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Surely it’s just a coincidence that UK lingerie brand Fleur of England has released two new Scottish-themed collections, back to back, less than a month before Scotland’s independence vote?

And surely there’s nothing political about designer Fleur Turner‘s decision to drop the “England” from her brand name for these two lines, replacing it with the very clannish “House of Fleur” to commemorate her unspecified “Scottish heritage”?

Whatever wee bit o’ mischief is going on here, one thing is certain: Fleur’s Scottish offerings, called Heather and Edinburgh, definitely work Better Together (which just happens to be the slogan for the No side in the divisive referendum debate).

Actually, Scottish lassies should feel quite tickled that the Bristol-based Fleur has chosen this momentous time in history to shine such a flattering light on her northern neighbor. (And they might rightly wonder why other brands that have more at stake in the referendum don’t use their talents to do the same.)

The real gem in Fleur’s double-barreled salute to Scotland is the stunning bespoke tartan that is the centerpiece of the Edinburgh line, shown in the main photo above.

Creating a truly original tartan is challenging to begin with and potentially controversial if you’re going to attach a Scottish name to it. Fleur navigates that tricky terrain with a peacock-and-kingfisher-blue pattern that is reminiscent of both Scotland’s national colour and the greenery of the Cheshire region in England where the historic silk mill that produces the print is situated.

The Edinburgh tartan is available in a French knicker, a camisole and Fleur’s first silk pyjama set — possibly the perfect outfit for curling up at home and watching the votes come in on Sept. 18.

The second collection, Heather, is entirely different — an Italian floral lace and silk satin line in a soft lilac hue that, according to the company, was inspired by “the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and the dusky sunsets over its romantic heath lands.”

This is a luxury collection that includes two bras and three brief styles, a silk georgette cami and matching kimono and a snug contour babydoll. And, while the company’s PR material encourages women to “take a romantic walk in misty fields of heather” in one of these pieces, we really can’t recommend it: that stuff is scratchy!

There are a lot better ways to approach the upcoming Scottish vote than getting your knickers in a knot about the whole messy business. And Fleur does a nice job of sidestepping the politics and creating a stylish tribute to the country’s boundless heritage.

Besides, anyone familiar with this highly esteemed brand knows that Fleur’s only allegiance is to romance, wherever it is found.

Here are some images from the lookbook for these lovely new collections.

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