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Jena Malone on Finding ‘Perfect Beauty’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 25, 2014

Alt girl Jena Malone raised eyebrows at the beginning of the summer when she appeared nearly naked in a video for the song “Dead Rabbit Hopes” from her band, The Shoe. The only thing that kept the Hunger Games actress on the good side of YouTube’s censors were a few small, carefully placed flowers.

Which is a good thing, since it’s a lovely, intimate song that uses nudity not for prurient purposes but to express Jena’s views about the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin.

That attitude also drives the nouveau boho clothing label For Love & Lemons, which hooked up with Jena to create a capsule lingerie collection that embodies both the visual style and free spirit of Dead Rabbit Hopes.

The resulting collection, called Flower Hopes, appears to be available only online and by pre-order until Aug. 26 (tomorrow!).

It’s a small collection — three bra-brief sets plus one bodysuit — and, just like The Shoe‘s video, it makes clever use of macramé appliqué florals to provide a bit of modesty on an otherwise sheer tulle base.

And, like Jena herself, the Flower Hopes range has a lot to say about how young women view themselves.

“I still wake up some days myself and forget my own perfect beauty,” she says in a Q&A on the For Love & Lemons blog. “I get down on myself when I look in the mirror. And I look at my body sometimes and wish it looked different. This is natural and part of the human condition, I’m learning. What is unnatural is allowing our beautiful minds to live in this state instead of laughing at these impulses.

“What helps me the most is realizing the moments in my life when I felt most beautiful and happy and content had nothing to do with my physical image and had everything to do with my heart.”

The L.A.-based For Love & Lemons calls this a “passion project” and it’s the kind of celebrity collaboration that feels authentic and worthwhile, since it promotes a conventional wisdom that young women can’t hear often enough.

“Our collection, like the Dead Rabbit Hopes song, is intended to empower women to celebrate their bodies and feel beautiful in their skin,” the company says. “We hope our capsule collection will inspire women to look to themselves to find confidence and peace in their own unique beauty.”

The red-hot label has a lot of new things coming for fall, which we’ll look at later. As for the newly-blonde Jena, she’s touring with her two-piece band this summer before getting ready for another season of red carpet appearances in support of the next Hunger Games instalment. Don’t be surprised if she shows up in one of FL&L‘s lacey see-through maxis.

Here’s the rest of the Flower Hopes lookbook starring Jena, who radiates happiness and self-confidence throughout.

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