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Shark Week Wardrobe Options
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 10, 2014

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … everyone’s showing up in shark-themed swimsuits and you just HAVE to find one.

Here are a few options to help you celebrate Shark Week like you mean it!


Mr. Shark

The hip leggings brand Black Milk Clothing created the Mr. Shark one-piece and matching leggings not just to cash in on the popularity of the Discovery Channel‘s toothsome ratings hit. Mr. Shark is also the mascot of the Brisbane-based cult label, whose followers are called Sharkies.

Both are made from stretch polyester, with the leggings going for $70 USD and the swimsuit $83. All swimsuit purchases are made to order, and the limited edition print will only be offered until Aug. 18.

And even real sharks have a recent to cheer this cool style: Black Milk is donating $1 from every sale to Project Aware, a conservation project run by an international group of scuba divers and focusing on shark preservation and marine debris cleanup.


The Sharkini

A San Francisco designer who works under the name Bad Aby had a hit last summer with this memorable custom one-piece … which immediately spawned cheaper knock-offs.

The original Shark Bite Monokini comes with hand-finished leatherette “teeth” and sells for $120. Custom sizing options are also offered.

And for people whose taste in cartilaginous cetaceans favors the Orca, Bad Aby has expanded its line with the … you guessed it … Orkini (above left). Perfect for your next paddleboarding adventure in the great northwest.

And best news yet: Bad Aby is offering 15% off during a “Shark Week Sale”.


Shark vs Mermaid

Black Milk created this clever twist on an iconic image back in 2012, letting Bruce make a meal out of Ariel … and traumatizing beach-going toddlers the world over.

This suit is called Shark vs Mermaid, and it’s still available for $83.

If you ask us, though, anyone who wears this while swimming off Long Island is simply taunting the gods and deserves whatever comes next.

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  1. Avigayil says:

    Love all the Black Milk pieces as I too am a fan of them. However, there are other designers doing shark imagery on their undies. Might I suggest the amazing Shark Panty by FRKS Lingerie?

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