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Three On A Match: NYC Indie Labels Host Their Own Lingerie Shop
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 4, 2014

It looks like another hot August day in New York and you know what that means: an exhausting trudge through the labyrinth of the Curve Expo lingerie and swimwear exhibition, collecting brochures and air kisses and hoping to find something new. You will, but it takes some time and your eyes will be blurry by lunchtime.

Retail buyers hunting for the next hip label in lingerie might want to take a slight detour to a nearby pop-up shop that showcases three like-minded young NYC designers that could otherwise get overlooked at the massive Curve show.

Indie brands Uye Surana, RR Lingerie and Na&#239s are hosting their own showroom on the 10th floor at 315 West 39th Street today and tomorrow. It’s about two blocks from the Javits Center, so perfect for a midday breather from Curve.

The three young designer labels each have a unique look but, collectively, offer a glimpse into the diversity and creativity of New York’s burgeoning indie lingerie scene. (And, with Lingerie Fashion Week moving to fall dates this season, it’s a much-need platform for emerging designer brands.)

What can you expect? The French-inspired contemporary cuts of Na&#239s, the comfy urban chic underwear styles of Uye Surana and the vibrant colors of Rachel Rector‘s sleek mesh bodies and lingerie ensembles.

More than a few NYC girls would call that a wardrobe.

Here’s a peek at what’s going on on W. 39th today until 7 p.m. and tomorrow until 6 p.m.






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