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A Sexy Mirage From L’Agent by AP
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 1, 2014

Exactly a year after shaking up the lingerie industry with her directorial film debut for Agent Provocateur, Spanish bombshell Penélope Cruz has returned with another racy fantasy to promote AP’s young diffusion label L’Agent.

The new promo film, which arrived today after weeks of hype, features model Jon Kortajarena as a stranded traveler in the desert who comes across a carload of supermodels who proceed to stage a high-energy workout class in front of him. Poor guy, all he wanted was a drink.

It’s neither as racy nor as surreal as the Almod&#243var-inspired debut vid from last summer, also directed by the Oscar-winning actress and starring her hunky hubbie Javier Bardem. That six-minute-plus short was viewed over two million times on YouTube alone and drew predictable howls of outrage from censors.


The new film, at 3-plus minutes, should prove just as popular and just as controversial.

It’s part workout video and part porn fantasy, with faint BDSM echoes, a little girl-girl titillation and lots and lots of bare behinds. Who knew Agent Provocateur had such a thing for bums!?

The film promotes the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2014 lingerie collection from L’Agent by Agent Provocateur which, we assume, will feature plenty of thongs.

Also worth noting is the participation of celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, who choreographed the models’ desert workout. Is L’Agent — like everyone else — moving into fashion activewear? Wait and see.

And coincidentally (or not), Cruz is making headlines for another reason right now. A day before the much-anticipated release of her AP film, Cruz, Bardem and Almod&#243var published a letter in a Spanish newspaper condemning the massacre of civilians in Gaza “while the international community does nothing.”

Think she didn’t know that millions would be searching for her on Google today, looking for a sexy video but getting a harsh lesson in global political reality instead? Clever, brave girl.

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