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Loveday London’s Hardcore Romance
Posted by richard | July 28, 2014

With a name like Luisa Loveday, the founder of the UK’s newest luxury lingerie label seems like she was destined for a career in romance.

But was it fate or fiction that gave newcomer Loveday London its richly appropriate brand name?

In fact, the woman behind Loveday was born Luisa Loveday Rundle — one of those stranger-than-fiction examples of someone with an eerily apt name, like sprinter Usain Bolt or American baseball player Homer Bush.

“I was christened Luisa Loveday,” the designer told Lingerie Talk. “I’m not sure that my parents intended for me to become a lingerie designer, but the name has certainly propelled me into this fabulous industry.”

Within Britain’s bustling, fashion-centric lingerie industry, Luisa is already well known as one of the behind-the-scenes talents who helped grow two very different, but very popular, brands: the ultra-romantic Fleur of England, and the edgy, BDSM-inspired Coco De Mer.

With Loveday London, which will reach consumers next month, Luisa has brought together design elements from her previous work to create a new fashion hybrid that she calls “hardcore romance”.

“I like to think of Loveday London as a beautiful concoction of my career and personal experiences to date,” she told us. “I love the romance of Fleur of England, however I’m also drawn to the fashion/sex/hardcore side of Coco de Mer.

Loveday London is my style. I’ve never really been into the current trend of ‘bondage’ aesthetics, but fiercely feminine, bold designs with a twist of romance are my idea of dream lingerie.”


Loveday‘s debut collection includes three distinct capsule ranges that cater to different aspects of a woman’s personality (and intentions).

The color-saturated red line Attraction is the label’s boldest expression of romance, heavy with embroidered lace roses and sleek matching leather trim.

The midnight-black Superstition set (below) appeals to gothic tastes and includes streetworthy pieces like a sheer maxi skirt and bodice top.

But Loveday‘s boudoir credentials get the full treatment in the Seduction range (shown in the main photo above), with its sumptuous dusty rose palette and lavish ruffles and pleats.


Luisa, who graduated five years ago from the University of Manchester in fashion design management, spent three years with Fleur of England, where she was in charge of brand development during that excellent label’s tricky re-branding from its previous identity as Fleur’T.

From there, she moved to the erotic powerhouse Coco De Mer, where she worked on marketing and branding as well as designing three seasons of the company’s in-house lingerie sets — and learned a ton about the importance of branding and corporate identity in fashion.

Loveday London
is positioning itself as a lifestyle brand, offering some tempting boudoir accessories like blindfolds, scented candles and — how’s this for a clever twist? — beautiful bed quilts and matching cushions that share the same luxurious colorways as the label’s lingerie styles. A girl could disappear in her own bed!

Keep an eye on the Loveday London website for news and shopping information when it launches next month. Early retail stockists include Selfridges in London and Alla Prima in San Francisco, but that list should grow quickly.

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