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A Mexican Fiesta From Naja
Posted by richard | July 21, 2014

Mexico has the kind of vivid national color palette that excites the senses and stirs the blood; so it’s a wonder we don’t see it more often on fashion runways.

This fall, though, you can enjoy a bit of Mexican fashion spice everyday thanks to a caliente underwear collection from Naja, the California-via-Colombia label that has turned quite a few heads in its first year.

Naja‘s next collection of bold, colorful prints includes references to a wide range of Mexican cultural touchstones — from the Virgin of Guadalupe to pre-colonial folkore to painted Puebla tiles and Talavera pottery. There’s even a bra-and-briefs ensemble inspired by the painter Frida Kahlo, who continues to have a profound influence on women more than 60 years after her death.

The Mexican prints and embroidery are offered in two colorways, called Talavera Blue and Talavera Red, and bras in both sets feature something that has become a Naja signature: a different print on the inside lining that complements the outer one (as shown below).


There’s also a third new range in Naja’s fall collection, this one inspired by the color-drenched Spanish region of Andalusia (top photo), which popularized the custom of lace shawls known as mantillas — and widely adopted by women in Mexico. Designer Catalina Girald creates an all-lace range of soft pieces in monochrome yellow and deep blue, but again with a Mexican folkloric print on the inside.

All three sets are scheduled to ship in September, but you can pre-order now through the company’s webstore.

Naja has made waves in its first year for a number of reasons, not the least being its commitment to “fair-price, fair-trade” garments. That means affordable prices to consumers, honest wages for workers in its Colombia factory, and participation in a skills training program for Colombian women called Underwear For Hope.

Naja has also made good use of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter: its debut collection last summer, which pitched Naja as “do-good lingerie that’s changing women’s lives,” was a big success that got the ambitious label off the ground.

Now, it is using Kickstarter again to finance its new collection, and with similar results. The second campaign, which features donor “rewards” from the new Mexican style ranges, has already passed its $20,000 goal four days ahead of the campaign’s expiry.

Smart shoppers will realize they can actually save on Naja‘s already low prices by investing early in the Kickstarter campaign instead of ordering through the webshop. The Andalusia yellow lace bra and brief, for instance, go for a total of $58 if purchased separately, but you can get the same set by pledging $52 to Naja‘s KS campaign before Friday.

Here’s a look at sample styles from this very appealing collection.

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