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In case you hadn’t heard, ombré is outré, over and done with, put a fork in it.

Last year’s favorite celebrity hair trend — the dip-dyed, two-tone look — ombré was a hit with Miley and Demi, Khloe and Mila, Avril and Selena, Jessica and Nicki and every other star with locks past their earlobes. Rihanna gave it a shot, so did SJP and even Mary-Kate O, who creates fads but hates to follow them, couldn’t resist. (That’s singer Bonnie McKee above, with a good example.)

Then, poof, it was gone. By December, HuffPo was calling it the worst fashion trend of the year and pronouncing it passé.

Which really only means that A-listers won’t be buying Cosabella‘s new ombré-inspired undies, even if everyone else will.

The Italian-American brand just launched what it’s calling the first-ever ombré underwear line, a mini-range dubbed Trenta Ombre.

And just like the hair color trend that inspired it, Cosabella’s stretch-lace styles have a two-tone gradient that is unique to each set.

The fabrication is a “true Italian artisanal process,” the company said, with the color being sprayed directly onto the lace before it is stitched. The effect is to create a dark-to-light color transition on both bras and panties.

Cosabella is offering the Trenta Ombre set in three bra styles (push-up, padded bandeau, and lace soft cup) and three briefs (thong, hotpants and brazilian minikini).

There are four colorways in each style: a shocking pink, marine blue, terracotta and rossetto. For maximum effect, see if you can find a set that matches your hair!

Prices range from $37-51 for the panties and $84-115 for the bra styles.

As for the celeb crowd, they’re already conspiring to come up with the next red carpet must-have look. One look at Cosabella‘s latest, though, and they may wish they weren’t so fickle.

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