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An American underwear company is urging its customers to leave their skivvies at home and “go commando” — even at the gym.

Why? Because they think they’ve come up with something better.

Dear Kate, a fashion-function hybrid label that produces leak- and stain-resistant briefs, has engineered a new type of women’s yoga pant meant to be worn commando-style. In fact, they say the revolutionary fabric in the Dear Kate yoga pant “protects better than regular underwear.”

The secret ingredient is an extra lining in the gusset that utilizes Dear Kate‘s patent-pending Underlux fabric blend — the same triple-layer formulation that made the company’s breathable, wicking panties a big success.

When added to the sturdy, high-performance stretch fabric used for the pants, they say, the advantages are many. No more visible panty line. No more cameltoe. No undies bunching or riding up during a strenuous workout.

And how’s this for a sales pitch — these pants will even give you a better-looking butt. With flat seams that elongate your legs, a supportive waistband and a thick fabric that smoothes everything out, the company says, the pants are “designed to give you a killer-looking backside.”


So far, Dear Kate‘s high-tech take on this wardrobe staple is proving to be an instant hit.

The new collection was launched Thursday with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and has already racked up more than $40,000 in pledges from supporters. The campaign, which was seeking to raise $15,000 to pay for production costs, passed that goal in only two hours and runs until June 28. Donors who pledge $98 get first dibs on a pair of yoga pants when they begin shipping in June.

The range include three styles — a yoga short, a calf-length pant, and an ankle-length. Sizes go up to 3X, the equivalent of a size 26.


Yoga pants are one of the most coveted niches in the women’s apparel business. Every girl and woman owns them, brand loyalty is a powerful motivator, and word-of-mouth can make or break anyone entering the market.

Dear Kate is one of numerous smaller brands that will likely profit from last year’s consumer revolt over product quality at industry-leader Lululemon, when women complained that new orders of its popular yoga tights were too sheer and revealing.

Although it doesn’t mention its competitor by name, Dear Kate‘s marketing slogan — “We’re done with flimsy leggings!” — echoes the consumer frustration that eventually crippled the Lululemon empire and led to a boardroom shakeup.


Dear Kate founder Julie Sygiel says in her Kickstarter pitch that the company surveyed 920 women to find out how they would improve yoga pants.

Dear Kate redefined underwear with our patent-pending Underlux blend of fabric,” she writes. “We knew if we were going to expand beyond underwear, our new line had to be equally revolutionary. Our customers had an answer for us: they wanted a reinvented yoga pant.”

The result is high-quality construction and a “substantial” fabric that is durable enough “to survive many seasons’ worth of training, and breathable enough to keep you cool through the sweatiest workout,” she says.

The company gym-tested its made-in-NYC line in a variety of high-impact activities and wash-tested them to ensure they won’t pill. Each pair also has a hidden inner pocket to hold your keys.

But will average women really feel comfortable showing up at the gym commando-style? Dear Kate is offering a free replacement guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your new pants … but they also ask that you try them with underwear too, before sending them back.

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