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The Summer Label
Posted by Lingerie Talk | May 23, 2014

Forget what the calendar says, everyone knows that summer really begins on Memorial Day. Well, maybe not the holidays, but the summer fashion season is definitely upon us.

And among American lingerie brands, one name is synonymous with summertime: Eberjey.

The sun-soaked Miami lifestyle label has earned a devoted international fanbase with its ever-growing apparel collections that marry natural style and casual comfort.

Eberjey means different things to different customers, and women find many entry points into the brand’s soft-focus world. For some, it’s the cozy pyjamas that make winter not only bearable but welcome; for others it’s the understated boho prints with their faint echoes of exotic lives to be lived; and for many it’s the organic fabrics that made Eberjey a pioneer in eco-conscious underwear.

But it’s summertime when Eberjey reveals the full scope of its broad appeal. It’s the season of tunics and teddies, all-day bikinis and beach cover-ups, shortie PJs and sleep tees — and, of course, the wispy bralets and boy shorts that are the brand’s signature pieces.


This year, Eberjey offers half a dozen new style ranges that cover a lot of bases, from the whitewashed beach look of the Bleached Out range to the chartreuse color pop in the Zinia collection.

And, as if to put its stamp on the season, Eberjey this year offers the Summer collection (above), a lingerie and loungewear set in a rich turquoise hue reminiscent of swimming pools and Florida beaches.

As usual, everything in Eberjey‘s summer catalogue is soft, light, airy and moderately priced. The only thing missing is the sand between your toes; you’ll have to find that yourself.

Images below are from Eberjey’s spring/summer campaign, modeled by Cailin Russo and photographed by Dove Shore.

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