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Katy + Madonna + Bettie + Bordelle
Posted by Lingerie Talk | May 22, 2014

There’s nothing very original about another Bettie Page-themed fashion editorial, but when it’s Madonna and Katy Perry doing the faux fetish thing people pay attention.

The two pop icons have the bangs and heels and accessories to pull off a playful retro fantasy in the new V Magazine, even if the whole thing is highly reminiscent of Mario Testino‘s Rihanna-Kate Moss series for VMag a year ago.

But there are more than just two fashion icons on display here.


Stylist Arianne Phillips has outfitted Katy and Madge in stunning leather and latex pieces from the upper reaches of the luxury realm, including several groundbreaking lingerie labels.

The hosiery throughout is from Agent Provocateur, while latex designer Atsuko Kudo contributes a garter belt for Madonna.

The big winner here, though, is Bordelle. In the main photo above, both stars wear versions of the UK directional label’s bodycon Angela dress — an enduring favorite among fashion stylists and something you know Bettie would have loved.

V89, featuring the cover story ‘The Power of Pop’ and photoshoot by Steven Klein, goes on sale on Memorial Day, with three alternate covers. Below are more advance images released by the magazine.

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2 Responses to “Katy + Madonna + Bettie + Bordelle”

  1. R.L. says:

    “The Power of Pop”??? Power? Power and pandering are not the same in my book. How sad, that decades later, women are still idealized & looked up to for selling themselves as bodies. Selling themselves as bodies for money which they don’t need. Certainly a cliche for Madonna, who has done trash look for decades. Guess she is just trying to feel young. Incest-play is not gonna sell lingerie to me.

  2. Avigayil says:

    Not sure how this is ‘incest-play’ – they are not related last time I checked. And it is a shame that sex is still such a large currency in today’s market.
    On another note, anyone struck by their sort of neutral facial expressions? Sort of cat in the headlights for several of the pictures, rather than sultry. I may be from the moon, but I like photo shoots where I can imagine the models are enjoying themselves. This looks so… ‘Blah’.

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