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It hardly matters that Cosabella‘s crazy new Glow collection boasts the same craftsmanship and fine fabrics that have made the American brand a dependable fashion favorite.

When you’re talking about glow-in-the-dark underwear, the only relevant question is: Where, and why, would I wear such a thing?

The Glow line is Cosabella’s latest innovation, using a luminous yarn that emits light after being exposed to sunlight for a mere 3 minutes (or 10-12 minutes under a fluorescent light). It comes in three bra styles plus a thong and hot pant, all available in three colors: a Barbados baby blue, neon orange, and a blinding bright white.


The Glow range is different from the eye-popping fluorescent undies that have been showing up in clubs the past few years. New York’s Deborah Marquit has been selling designer fluoro styles for a while now, and Cosabella followed suit with its own Fluo line last year — but you need to be standing under a black light to get the full effect, and who has one of those?

Cosabella‘s soft, stretch-lace pieces promise to retain their luminous properties for the life of the garment, so this is more than just a one-time party trick or sleepover gag. Here’s our helpful list of practical reasons your life isn’t complete without a set of these radiant beauties.

You can find the Glow collection at Journelle, Cosabella‘s webshop and plenty of retailers, priced from $45-99 per item.


10 Reasons To Wear Glow-in-the-Dark Undies

  1. Seriously freak out your BF when he staggers home from his next ‘boys night’.
  2. Going to Bonnaroo? Kanye can see you from the stage.
  3. Never get passed by while hailing a cab again.
  4. Spice things up during your next round of “Seven Minutes in Heaven”.
  5. Worried your neighbors are watching you through telescopes (and yes, they are) from the high-rise next door? Burn their retinas, baby.
  6. Answers the question, “What do you wear to Cosmic Bowling?”
  7. Make your cat think you’re a god.
  8. “Lost” your bra at a Spring Break beach dance? For better or worse, that’ll never happen again.
  9. Do sistas everywhere a huge solid — light the way to the bathroom at your next pitch-black rave.
  10. Help the NSA see you better from space.
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5 Responses to “10 Practical Reasons To Try Cosabella’s Luminous Glow-in-the-Dark Undies”

  1. Avigayil says:

    OMG I want! Know where I can buy these in Canada (without paying a fortune in shipping)?

    • admin says:

      Use the “Boutique and Department Store Locator” under the “Where To Buy” tab on Cosabella’s website. Plenty of Canadian distributors.

  2. Robin says:

    Do you need a special kind of light bulb for “black light”? Based on brand site, it does not describe what black light is…

    “Cosabella’s celebrity darling. Offered in a rainbow of fluorescent colors that glow under black-lights. Product Details: Made with black light reactive fibers that literally glows when placed under black light.”

  3. Robin says:

    Found some info on “black lights.” Rather stupid of Cosabella not to cross promote with a seller of “black light” light bulbs. Missed opportunity- sell the necessary light bulb along with the underwear.

    “An incandescent black light bulb is similar to a normal household light bulb, but it uses light filters to absorb the light from the heated filament. It absorbs everything except the infrared and UV-A light (and a little bit of visible light).
    In both of these light designs, the emitted UV light reacts with various external phosphors in exactly the same way as the UV light inside a fluorescent lamp reacts with the phosphor coating. The external phosphors glow as long as the UV light is shining on them.”

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