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This Summer’s Sweetest Print
Posted by richard | April 29, 2014

Every summer seems to produce a few memorable prints that show up everywhere — on the street, the beach, at backyard parties, in the bedroom.

This year, you’ll be seeing a lot of Beautiful Bottoms, whose spring range includes several creative and colorful prints that women will be showing off long into the summer.

The charming UK lingerie and loungewear label is probably best known for its all-silk tie-up bras and ruched panties — a very British version of sexy.

But in the past few years BB has upped its game by concentrating on busy, bright original prints in friendly color palettes that work nicely on a semi-sheer base like silk georgette, while also developing some new styles that give their artistry a broader canvas.


The design duo of Poppy and Lauren favor florals and nature-inspired prints, but they also shown a flair for digitized graphic imagery. The label struck gold last summer with its purple Wave wrap (above), which seemed to be everywhere, and followed that with the trippy, exotic Geometric range (easily our favorite print of 2013).


For the 2014 collection called ‘A Moroccan Mirage’, they’ve done it again with a couple of new looks that show different aspects of the Beautiful Bottoms aesthetic.

The colorful Neon Aztec range (below) is the kind of busy graphic print that draws eyeballs like bees to honey. But our preference goes to the delicate Summer Plumes print, which revisits the label’s fascination with bird life.


Both prints, along with the Bold Botanics range, are also used to introduce the first Beautiful Bottoms swimwear collection.

The new collection includes six style ranges altogether and it’s split between prints and monochrome pastels. Clever, because it allows you to mix and match styles, depending on which side of your personality you want to draw attention to.

Best Buys: Grab the Summer Plumes beach shirt while you still can, and keep an eye out for new stock in last season’s Geometric range.

Neon Aztec
Beautiful Botanics
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