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Hailey Clauson is ‘Lady Lace’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 18, 2014

Is it a bra? Is it a bikini top? Does it matter?

The answer to all three questions, in reference to Beach Bunny‘s new ‘Lady Lace’ collection, is: Not really.

The colorful California brand has so thoroughly blurred the lines between swimwear and lingerie that distinctions at this point are irrelevant.

The new collection isn’t aimed at the beach or boudoir market, but at fashionable festival-goers like those attending Coachella this weekend.

Music festivals have turned into summertime fashion parades, and the objective for many fashionistas is to stand out in the crowd (so your friends can find you, right?). Beach Bunny, whose style signature is very busy, showy prints, has become a go-to brand for concertgoers in the know.


The Lady Lace collection mixes together stretch lace trim, shirred fabric, mesh and bits of hardware in prints ranging from bright florals to neon geometric patterns. A set will cost you between $170-200.

Beach Bunny‘s model of the moment for this campaign is the L.A. blonde Hailey Clauson, who is having quite a year. We last saw Hailey in the eyebrow-raising ‘Behind Closed Doors’ shoot from Agent Provocateur, posing as a sexy housewife even though she was just 18 at the time.

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