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Seeing Double With Passionata
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 15, 2014

Either supermodel Bar Refaeli is very good at holding a pose, or French lingerie brand Passionata is using her body like a mannequin and photoshopping its bras onto her lovely frame. How very 2012.

You might remember a couple of years ago H&M was forced to issue a public apology after it was found to be cutting-and-pasting real models’ heads onto a few perfectly sculpted (but fake) torsos in its catalogues.

The images above, from Passionata‘s Spring 2014 photo campaign, suggest the very popular Parisian label took the wrong lesson from H&M’s public disgrace.

Passionata‘s seasonal photo campaigns are internationally renowned and all of-a-kind. Israeli model Bar Refaeli and New York photographer Greg Kadel have been collaborating on the charming, color-drenched series for five years now, and Passionata‘s annual calendar is always a huge hit.

The current campaign is all very effervescent and celebratory, marking Passionata‘s 25th anniversary as a leading purveyor of colorful, lacy and coquettish bra-panty ensembles. You can see the full campaign below.

[Ed. Note: We asked Greg Kadel to explain these images, but he did not reply.]

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