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Fleur’s Brighton Beach Memories
Posted by richard | April 14, 2014

North American fans of the beautiful UK label Fleur of England might not fully appreciate its latest collection, which is a kind of visual tribute to the English seaside town of Brighton.

But it will likely be warmly received by Fleur’s British fans, since almost every Londoner has fond memories of summer holidays spent carousing in the Palace Pier arcades or lounging on swaybacked canvas beach chairs.

Fleur taps into that nostalgia in her Brighton nightwear range by using a broad vertical stripe inspired by the rental chairs that are ubiquitous in Britain’s south coast resort towns.

It’s a simple, universal print and far less decorative than the highly artistic handiwork we normally see from Fleur. But the sight of those nautical stripes will have an almost Pavlovian effect on Brits, who prize both their holiday time and all visual emblems of the empire.

Regardless of their origins, though, Fleur’s iconic stripes will still travel well — Americans can claim it’s an homage to the Hamptons (or Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach) and everyone over here will nod approvingly.


The Brighton collection is ostensibly a ‘nightwear’ range, but it’s meant for summertime exposure, indoors and out.

There are two bras and two panty styles and a lace-trimmed silk camisole (above) that is much too bold and flattering to cover up.

But the real keepsake in the Brighton line is sure to be the straight-legged silk pyjama trouser. This could be your favorite lounging pant, beach cover-up or simply something to throw on for a stroll along the local boardwalk.

A couple of years ago, the resort town of Bournemouth, west of Brighton, erected a 25-foot-high replica of the iconic beach chair on the promenade as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee anniversary celebrations. Perhaps Brighton and Hove should try to reassert its ownership of the iconic Brighton stripes — by outfitting its lifeguards in Fleur’s latest!

The silk and lace Brighton collection is available online and in numerous retail boutiques, with prices ranging from £50 to £280 ($80-450 USD) for the trousers.

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