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Trees May Fall, But Beauty Endures
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 7, 2014

There’s a powerful symbolism in the photo series that accompanies Helena Christensen‘s latest collection for the global lingerie brand Triumph.

The Danish supermodel poses in contemporary and vintage-inspired lingerie in a Scandinavian forest, surrounded by dried-out and fallen trees — a stark visual reminder of the way of all things.

Helena, however, clearly hasn’t reached that stage of decrepitude and, at 45, has hung on to the athletic physique and impeccable skin tone that has made her a fashion star for more than 25 years.

All that dead wood and withered bark might suggest the natural end of all life, but there’s also a certain majesty in those twisted limbs and towering snags. And that isn’t accidental.


As we wrote last year in our series on older lingerie models, Helena has been one of the most vigorous advocates for mature models, who face systemic discrimination across the fashion industry. And she reportedly organized the Triumph photoshoot herself, clambering over fallen logs in a remote area of northern Denmark to create this portfolio.

The resulting images are like a rebuke to all those who who fail to see the intrinsic grandeur in aging — or who think lingerie models are unemployable past 30. Trees may fall, but grace, confidence and beauty endure.

There are actually two settings in Helena’s Triumph photoshoot, reflecting the two contrasting themes in her third collaboration with the lingerie giant.

Top: Triumph ‘Dragonfly’ bra; Bottom: Herve Leger by Maz Azria dress, 2013

The lacy Nightingale series shown in the interior shots aims to channel old-world glamor, while the duotone underwear and shaping pieces in the Dragonfly range use layered stretch fabrics to create a very contemporary look.

The iridescent Dragonfly range might look a bit familiar, too. It’s based on the lingerie-inspired bandage dresses and swimwear made famous by French design house Hervé Léger, and is meant to offer a bit of couture style at high street prices. And, unlike so many designers, Helena credits the source.

Here’s the full shoot from the new Helena Christensen x Triumph collection. Remember, Triumph has a new retail presence in North America, so these pieces shouldn’t be hard to find on either side of the pond.

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