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Punch-Hole Love
Posted by richard | April 2, 2014

If your underwear has holes in it, that usually means it’s time to go shopping.

Unless you’re wearing something from the upcoming fall collection by NYC lingerie label Unforeseen Circumstances, which has turned hole-y underwear into a kind of pop art fashion statement.

Several pieces in the new collection are riddled with punched holes of various sizes — drive-by-shooting chic, perhaps?

Actually, the point is not to create a gangsta look or to offer peekaboo opportunities to your admirers, but to enhance the visual impact when layering garments.

You can see this effect best in the double-layered open front bodysuit (below), where the the dark underlayer pops beneath the neutral top layer. The same kind of visual drama unfolds when these piece lie against your skin.


The punch-holes are just one of the distinguishing features of this very tactile collection from designer Teo Griscom, collaborating once again with NYC print artist Reed Anderson.

Griscom prefers to work with natural fabrics and a muted, natural color palette. Almost all the pieces in this collection are fashioned from linen, cotton and a washed silk that gives it all a lived-in look.

Smart fashionistas who have already discovered Unforeseen Circumstances will gush over new styles like the open-sided linen bodysuit (which cries out for layering), a cotton robe and the funky lounge pant shown below.

And if you love these casual looks but aren’t sold on the punched-holes idea, no worry: all pieces are available without holes, too.

Look for this made-in-USA brand online at Lille Boutique and Steven Alan.

The campaign images below were shot in Peru by frequent UC collaborator Eric Kvatek.


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