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A Purr-fect Bra For Every Woman?
Posted by LT Staff | April 1, 2014

Finally, someone has come up with the perfect solution to common bra-fitting problems: replacing traditional cup sizes with … kittens.

California e-commerce brand True & Co. announced today a new standardized bra-size formula that ranges from Double Fluffy all the way down to Newborn.

And, to help website visitors navigate the new sizing options, True has replaced the standard click-and-point arrow with a kitten head that darts all over the screen and defies you to click its cute little button nose.

This is, of course, an April Fool’s gag from the True & Co. gang, who assure us that “no actual kittens are involved with our fitting process.” Just in case anyone was worried about that.


And for future reference, marketers who want to dramatically increase the open rate on subscriber e-mails should try True & Co.‘s approach and use the subject line “Kittens are the new bra cups.” Who wouldn’t open that?

Now, if they can only work up a video of the little fuzzballs modeling pieces from their spring line, True might have a viral sensation that will last all year long.

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