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For The Winter Bride
Posted by richard | March 7, 2014

A winter wedding isn’t like other weddings.

There’ll be no photoshoots in front of public gardens or historic fountains, no lingering lawn parties, no bare-shouldered bridesmaids, no clinking of glasses late into the evening as the cicadas hum and the fireflies frolic overhead.…


Don’t be surprised if you see a few girls on the frozen sidewalks of Toronto and Montreal tomorrow sporting perfectly curled black bangs and decked out in polka-dot bustiers or leopard print bikinis or lace-and-leather fetish costumes in spite of the cold.

A striptease convention …


The brains behind a record-setting Kickstarter clothing project — underwear that pokes fun at women’s periods — is a single guy who says the idea started as a joke and took six years to bring to market.

Anthony Hall, a 31-year-old graphic artist from …


Photo: The Last Magazine

VPL, the sporty lingerie and womenswear label, prefers to establish trends rather than follow them.

Once the leader of the urban underwear-as-outerwear movement, the New York label has undergone a dramatic reboot and today finds itself out in front of …

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Ashley Graham Live: A Chance To Chat With A Plus-Size Icon
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 3, 2014

Those occasional online chats with supermodels are usually dreadfully dull affairs and rarely produce anything of value (although you might score a discount coupon code if you log on).

But don’t be surprised if a few sparks fly tomorrow when the iconic plus-size model Ashley

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