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Accidentally Sexy, On Purpose
Posted by richard | March 24, 2014

As pickup lines go, calling someone “accidentally sexy” is probably not the best way to win a girl’s heart.

But when a stranger used that phrase on Quinne Myers after meeting her at a concert in Brooklyn, it was a proverbial eureka moment for her.

Quinne is the founder of the Brooklyn label She and Reverie, which produces cute and quirky lounging pieces, underwear and some adorable princess dresses.

And when the would-be Romeo called her “accidentally sexy”, he had no way of knowing it would inspire She and Reverie‘s fall collection for 2014.

“I’m sure he was just trying to hit on me,” Quinne told Lingerie Talk, “but I really loved the sentiment when applied to my brand.

“That’s what ‘sexy’ means to me, anyway — it’s never something that’s trying too hard. It’s easy, comfortable and, in the case of She and Reverie, very sweet.”


The end result of that chance encounter is “Maybe”, a capsule collection of pretty, eccentric and effortlessly sexy pieces that seem to have little stories built into the designs.

The gartered pettiskirt (main photo above, paired with the Overlay bralette), for example, uses layered tulle in a pink and mocha blend to suggest a ballerina’s tutu … until you notice the attached garters, which add a whole new layer of erotic meaning. The garters are removable, but the skirt is still a good illustration of the label’s assertion that “the She and Reverie girl is a little sassy, a little sweet, and not as naive as she seems.”

Elsewhere in the Maybe collection you’ll find a comfortable Jacquard romper with a lovely draped neckline reminiscent of an evening gown; the knee-length Clavicle cardigan with the intriguing messages “oui” and “non” embroidered on the shoulders; and the super-pretty Diadem slip dress, in baby pink with a very subtle print featuring images of gemstones.


This is a fall collection, so you’ll need to keep an eye on S&R’s webshop as pieces become available in a few months.

In the meantime, though, you can get a jump on summer with something from the label’s spring collection called “Camp Versailles” — strangely inspired by both the opulence of 18th Century France and Girl Scout camps.

It’s an eclectic mix of sweet babydoll dresses, summery bra tops and hoodies adorned with camp badges. The must-have item, though, is the holiday skirt (above) imprinted with souvenir photos — a great conversation starter and a way to take your travel memories with you wherever you go.

Here are some looks from fall’s Maybe collection. Retailers who want to know more can reach Quinne at

Jacquard Romper
Clavicle Cardigan
Diadem Dress
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