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A Dragon-Scale Collection For GOT Fans
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 24, 2014

If it feels like you’ve been holding your breath for the past nine months, you’re not alone: millions of GOT fans are sharing your agony.

For the uninitiated, GOT is Game of Thrones, HBO’s faux medieval fantasy epic which returns for its fourth season of inter-family backstabbing and betrayal on April 6.

And this year — finally! — we’ve got just the right duds for your Sunday night mayhem.

Yes Master, the UK lingerie and swimwear label that specializes in edgy digital prints, has produced a must-have capsule collection of dragon-scale undies and loungewear especially for the GOT crowd.

Yes Master partnered with UK lingerie boutique Dolci Follie to produce the collection, which can be bought in North America through


There are two different panty and brief styles, each available in either the large- or small-scale dragon prints, as well as the matching halter-style swimsuit shown above (perfect for your next dip into Loch Ness).

But the pièce de résistance is the flowing ‘Dragon’ kaftan in the top photo, featuring a slash neck style and batwing sleeves. At $470 this will be a keepsake gift for the GOT fan in your life, and it can probably double as a Hallowe’en outfit too.


And if you fancy a little swordplay while you act out your favorite GOT scenes — admit it, you do that — you’ll want to check out Yes Master‘s two medieval-themed robes. There’s a short kimono style in black with an armor-print collage or, for the full effect, a long robe imprinted with a full suit of armor on the back.

If you’re ordering from North America, keep in mind items are shipped from the UK by Dolci Follie. In other words, order now if you want to be ready for your first Season 4 GOT viewing party!

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  1. Dolci Follie says:

    The Yes Master collection can also be bought on our website as we ship worldwide
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