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Meet Dita Von Teese at Bloomingdale’s
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 19, 2014

Ladies, the Queen will see you now.

Yes, a personal audience with Dita Von Teese — alternately described as the queen of burlesque, the queen of boudoir glamor and now the queen of vintage lingerie — really is as rare as a curtsy in front of the other Her Majesty.

Despite her growing prominence in fashion and celebrity circles, and the routine sell-outs of her R-rated cabaret show, it’s often hard for real fans to get close to Dita, who guards both her brand and her surprisingly petite body very carefully.

Which is why tomorrow’s public appearance at the New York flagship store of Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street is a big deal.

Dita will be present for what is being called the “exclusive launch” of her new lingerie collection (which is already selling like hotcakes on the Bloomie’s website and select stores).

Fans who purchase any item from the collection will get a chance to meet Dita and receive an autographed photo — a valuable keepsake indeed, and NOT something you’re going to put up on Ebay 10 minutes later, right?

The appearance begins at 6 p.m. in the intimates department on Bloomie’s 4th floor and — be warned — it will draw a big crowd.


Dita’s partnership with Bloomingdales is really a distribution deal that seems to cherry-pick some of the pieces from the Von Follies collection that Dita launched on her own in Australia two years ago.

The brand has grown significantly and is now widely available in the UK, Europe and the U.S. through various e-commerce channels and some stores. Bloomie’s has dropped the Von Follies name and is calling it simply the Dita Von Teese Lingerie Collection.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s an appealing range of eye-popping pieces that blend vintage Hollywood and decorative French styling, with provocative names like Mancatcher and Madame X.

And if you are lucky enough to get to the head of the line at Bloomie’s tomorrow, can you ask her a question for us: when is she (and her lingerie) coming to Canada?

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