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Fortnight Lingerie + Lululemon Lab
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 13, 2014

There’s still time to score some of these cool duotone pieces from Fortnight Lingerie‘s collaboration with Lululemon, but you’re going need a plane ticket.

Alas, the limited edition set is available only at the Lululemon Lab design shop in Vancouver, where it launched last month. Which is a shame, since this is a sensible collabo between two well-matched Canadian brands, and one with far-reaching impact.

The exclusive Lululemon Lab X Fortnight collection was developed as a way to support, the registered charity endowed by Lulu founders Chip and Shannon Wilson to build primary schools in Ethiopia.

What’s the connection between schoolchildren in Africa, a global yoga brand and an independent Toronto lingerie company?


Imagine1Day executive director Sapna Dayal traveled to Ethiopia last year to deliver Luna Pads recyclable menstrual pads to young teens at one of the schools built by the charity. That’s when she discovered that most young girls don’t wear undergarments — making the gift of Luna Pads a bit pointless.

The experience, however, offered a window into the broader issue of gender equality and barriers to education for young women in underprivileged countries — with the missing underwear serving as a symbol of the needs of Ethiopian youth.

“I thought: what if underwear could spark a conversation?,” Sapna said in a blog post. “I wanted to see how the most beautiful pair of underwear could impact peoples’ awareness around education and empowerment for girls everywhere.”

Sapna reached out to Lacey Norton at Lululemon Lab, with the idea of creating a high-end underwear line that could raise money for the charity and “start one heck of a conversation” about empowering women. Sapna then approached Fortnight, the esteemed Toronto label known for its tailored styles and quality craftsmanship.

“Both the lab and Fortnight are made in Canada which is a rarity in today’s market,” Fortnight founder Christina Remenyi said. “We’re both focused on designing pieces that combine form and function and creating pieces that integrate into our daily lives.”

The Vancouver lab is known for its progressive collaborations with fashion entrepreneurs and invites the public to view, comment on and buy its exclusive product lines at its West Broadway workshop and store. Since it shares a corporate parent with Imagine1Day, the lingerie fundraiser made a lot of sense.

“The collection is so much more than the underwear and comes back to the importance of education for women and the access that offers them to empowerment and opportunities in their life,” Lacey Norton said. “What is more beautiful than an educated, confident woman?”

The Lululemon Lab X Fortnight collection launched last month, and all profits will go to Imagine1Day. You can see the various styles below, and read more about the project on the LuluLemon Lab blog.

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